Terms and Conditions of Detention

Terms and Conditions of Detention

1.1 This Agreement does not constitute a contract for the provision of vehicle rental services. Leasing Services (hereinafter referred to as "Leasing Services") will be provided on the basis of a separate lease to be concluded with the authorized partner supplying the car (hereinafter referred to as the "Local Supplier") and you will have to enter into this Agreement unless you are already one. You will also be subject to JBK Egineering's standard terms and conditions regarding driving ability.

1.2 For ONLINE bookings, you enter into this Agreement with X. Konstantinidis Bros , hereinafter referred to as "JBK Engineering" (ie the ONLINE Terms and Conditions listed below)

Terms and Conditions for ONLINE

2.1 By accepting the "accept" button within the booking process, you are bound and bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement only with JBK Engineering. With the conclusion of this Agreement, you agree to purchase a voucher (voucher) from JBK Engineering for the price quoted by JBK Engineering. JBK Engineering will issue the voucher and will send it to you via e-mail and will make the reservation of the Lease Services. You can redeem your vendor's local vendor rental service from where you will pick up your car by showing the voucher.

2.2 You will have to pay the voucher-related charges which upon full refund give you full right to the rental services at the time of booking. Charges will be deducted from your credit or debit card at the time of booking. The voucher will only be issued after full and complete repayment. Upon the conclusion of this Agreement, you expressly authorize JBK Engineering to charge your credit or debit card with the amount stated on the voucher and the (any) additional charges mentioned in this Agreement.

2.3 Your purchased voucher may be redeemed for the rental, including VAT, of the selected vehicle for the dates you have booked, along with the items / services stated to be included in the price when booking , at the prices quoted by us. You can see these items by following the "Your Quote includes" link on the "Quote" page.
2.4 Any other optional equipment and services (eg special equipment, additional drivers, optional insurance, fuel, extra days) will incur additional charges, which you will have to pay directly to the Local Supplier either upon receipt or upon return of your vehicle. Additional charges may also be imposed by the Local Supplier upon receipt of your car if you are under 25 years of age.

      2.5 If you cancel your reservation, the rental amount is an amount of compensation and is retained by JBK Engineering. No refunds are accepted in any case.

     2.6 The credit card used must be in the name of the principal driver. If this is not a credit card, then the driver must have a personal credit card that will be used for the guarantee.

Change of Reservations

3.1 Depending on the availability and limitations of the paragraph

3.2 below, you may change your booking through this site up to 48 hours prior to your vehicle's receipt or at any time until the time of the rental, by calling the JBK Engineering Call Center at +302168008514 or by email at info@jbk.gr.
3.3 Changes to your reservation are subject to the following restrictions: a) If you change a reservation and the rental charges are higher than your voucher's nominal value, you will be charged the difference based on JBK Engineering's then applicable rates and the extra the amount will be payable at the time of the change of reservation. b) If the cost of the modified reservation is lower than the voucher's nominal value, NO MONEY PAYMENT will be made. The same applies if the rental amount ends up being less than what has been prepaid. c) Change in reservation dates is not acceptable. d) Change can only be made by upgrading to a higher-class car than the one booked.